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What is healing in Spinal Flow

Healing means different things to different people. Healing with Spinal Flow Technique comes from the body’s own innate wisdom to make itself whole again. 

“Everything we need is already inside of us,” says Spinal Flow Technique founder Dr Carli Axford. “Including the ability to heal.”

“The beautiful thing about the human body is that once spinal blockages are released through the 33 access points, the nervous system tells the brain to restore the body to the innate perfection it was designed to have.”

Facilitating healing through Spinal Flow Technique

The philosophy and science of Spinal Flow Technique states that our bodies can heal themselves.

A certified Spinal Flow Technique practitioner does not technically heal their clients but facilitate their clients’ bodies to heal themselves.

Touch, communication and ability to increase the Spinal Wave are the tools a Spinal Flow Technique practitioner uses to facilitate that self-healing for their clients.

Practitioners also help their clients heal from deep emotional stress, often stored in the centre and passion gateways, which feels too scary or is held on to very tightly by clients.

“Healing from extensive emotional stress – especially if it’s been with us since early childhood or is caused by trauma such as abuse – does require the touch and communication skill of a certified Spinal Flow Technique practitioner,” says Dr Carli Axford.

“In my decades of helping people heal, it’s this stubborn and deep emotional stress that causes blockages to the spine, blocks the wave and prevents the self-healing process.”

Healing from stress – particularly stress which has been stored at the back of our minds, or our spines – is long-lasting and transformational.

“By contacting one of the 33 access points of the spine, we can actually bring that healing and energy that’s already inside the body to the brain’s awareness,” says Dr Carli Axcord.

“That means Spinal Flow Technique clients can connect and release their own blockages and create more Spinal Wave in their system,”

The body restores itself, except when it holds on to stress

The human body is in a constant state of removing damage and producing new, healthy tissue. If we break a bone, it heals; if we cut our knee, a scab forms to protect it from infection and allow new skin to form underneath.

Stress can restrict the human body’s natural self-healing functions if it has caused spinal blockages. As we age, it is virtually impossible to avoid the chemical stress, physical stress or emotional stress that impacts on our self-healing ability.

If a human body is sleep-deprived, does not get adequate nutrition and exists in a constant state of high stress, then that body can’t always regenerate itself as efficiently as it once did.

“When we are in a stressed state, spinal blockages happen in minor ways every single day so that, over time, our body has become used to holding on to stress,” Dr Carli Axford says. 

“The touch of Spinal Flow Technique generates ease through the 33 access points and increases the Spinal Wave through the human body to enable healing to happen.”


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