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Is Spinal Flow Technique the same as energy healing

Energy healing can be a hard thing to define, but Dr. Carli Axford believes Spinal Flow Technique is grounded in a muscular-skeletal approach to healing as well as a metaphysical or mystical energy approach.

The American Cancer Society defines energy healing as “a form of complementary and alternative medicine based on the belief that a vital energy flows through the human body. The goal of energy healing is to balance the energy flow in the patient.”

Spinal Flow Technique is not trying to balance energy flow so much as encourage the energy of the Spinal Wave to come through the body with a clear focus on releasing spinal blockages and igniting the body’s wisdom to heal itself.

“The contacts we make in Spinal Flow Technique are one the 33 access points, which are areas of dural attachment that work directly with the brain and the nervous system,” says Dr. Carli Axford.

“I believe energy flows through the body, and it happens through the spine and nervous system. To me, energy is vital intelligence and that wisdom that is already inside the human body.”

An anatomical approach and energetic approach

The assessment tool of Spinal Flow Technique – the 7 gateways of the spine – has some similarities to the eastern view of the 7 chakras of the body, but is not the same.


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The 7 chakras, particularly the rainbow approach to describing the chakras, has some similarities to the 7 gateways of the spine but is not the same.


“The chakras are inner energy centres that have a religious and meditative lineage going back centuries to Hinduism and Buddhism,” says Dr. Carli Axford.

“The 7 gateways of the spine are an anatomical and postural assessment tool that I developed over the last 20 years of my work helping people heal – so there’s a very different history to the gateways and the chakras.”

Philosophy, science and touch of Spinal Flow Technique

Spinal Flow Technique is more about philosophy, science and touch to the human body rather than hands-off energy work such as that used in some energy-focused healing modalities.

“The Spinal Wave delivers energy movement through the body and release of blockages and stuckness in Spinal Flow Technique,” says Dr. Carli Axford.

“Spinal Flow Technique has a science behind it that makes it a combination of musculoskeletal therapy and energy therapy.”

The touch and contact made during Spinal Flow Technique treatment relies on sending messages through the spinal cord to the brain to connect with ease and the body’s wisdom to heal.

“Our clients are usually treated on their tummies and we are making contact with the 33 access points to release spinal blockages,” says Dr. Carli Axford.

“Spinal Flow Technique is based on many different modalities that I’ve studied – everything from traditional chiropractic science and other specialties.”

The technique is based on hands-on helping people heal their own bodies and merges contact with the nervous system and brain, as well as chiropractic-style assessments to create transformational change.

“Spinal Flow Technique has been created from my collection of training and experience to do what I know works on the table and works to help clients,” says Dr. Carli Axford says.

“Spinal Flow Technique is simply a chance for clients to make big changes in their wellbeing and ability to heal their own body.”


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