Our Practitioners

Our Practitioners

How to find a Spinal Flow Practitioner near you

Please use our search bar below and type in your address or postcode (then press enter)
You will see a list of the closest Spinal Flow Practitioners to you.

What if there are no Practitioners in my area?

Don’t worry – we’re coming! In the meantime you can return to this list as we add new practitioners every week.

  1. Follow the Spinal Flow Technique YouTube channel. Every week Dr Carli shares self-healing tools and methods from the Spinal Flow Technique.
  2. Take the 21 Days To Heal Self-Healing journey. This is a program specifically designed to help you heal from the comfort of your own home. It covers methods from the Spinal Flow Technique and when you take the course you also get credits towards becoming a certified Spinal Flow Practitioner.
  3. Check out Dr Carli’s book: The 9 States of Flow – learn how to identify the causes of stress, increase your Life Force Energy and discover your unique pathway to healing
  4. Become a Spinal Flow Practitioner! Learning how to heal others involves learning how to heal yourself. As you learn the Spinal Flow Technique you’ll also receive multiple healing sessions, understand the messages your body is telling you and become a master of your Life Force Energy so you can embody the Spinal Flow. As a Spinal Flow Practitioner you’ll be able to help people heal and live an abundant lifestyle doing something that you love. You can find more details here.

Our Association Members remain connected to our Spinal Flow Association, which includes access to the latest updates and weekly calls, coaching and support with Dr Carli.  Our Non-Association Members are certified in Spinal Flow but are not currently connected to ongoing support and latest teachings. 

To see a summary of the difference between our Ambassadors, Association Members and Non Association Members



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