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The Base Gateway: What It Is, And The Surprising Way To Unblock It

You might be surprised to learn that the connective tissue called dura matter that protects your tailbone is the same thick, cushiony tissue that protects your brain.

Its job is to protect the most important parts of our body with a durable, strong covering. Our body’s intelligence is not only in our brain but throughout our entire body… Especially your spinal cord!

And the spine can tell you a lot about the stress you’re holding onto.

The Base Gateway is located at the base of your spine, the coccyx aka the tailbone.

Picture the tail of a dog… When a dog is feeling happy, the tail is lifted and open. But when it’s afraid, a dog will tuck their tail. Our Base Gateway is no different.

If there’s a threat, the body perceives stress and goes into fight or flight. The sympathetic nervous system becomes active. It knows it’s going to need to fight, or run really fast.

It stops digesting. It stops reproducing.

And it tucks your coccyx under, stretching the dura mater and suppressing the vital flow of energy between our brain and nervous system.

This creates the stress response that alters your circulation, reproduction, digestion, immune response, and your entire physical and emotional health.

… And once the threat is gone, the body untucks your tailbone and goes back into the parasympathetic response to rest, digest, and heal.

When we experience chronic stress or a traumatic event, the body’s way of surviving is to hold on tightly, creating patterns of tension and dis-ease throughout the whole body.
This cellular imprint of stress and trauma directly impacts our sense of safety, the way we relate to people, and the way we respond to life. Each time this imprint is triggered, our body reacts as if there were a tiger right next to us, and everything becomes a threat.

We become more prone to taking things personally, experiencing anxiety, feeling suspicious, and finding it difficult to rest… even breathing deeply becomes a challenge.

So many people who have come to me for healing have been quite literally tucking their tails for months, weeks, or even years!

Let’s take a deeper look at the anatomy of the coccyx and the Base Gateway.

Important information on Base Gateway

The tailbone is a series of 3-5 fused bones that support us to sit upright. It is an area rich in tendons, ligaments, and muscles that make up our pelvic floor and support the weight of most of our body.

… No wonder when the Base Gateway is blocked our entire sense of stability in the world feels shaky, uncertain and wobbly!

So often, these emotions are held until pain and physical symptoms become the body’s only way of calling attention to it.

Maybe you’ve seen health professional after health professional, still unable to find the answer… But today, you can choose to stop carrying these burdens.

I want you to know that you can empower yourself through your own healing.

When you listen to your body and learn to understand where your stress has been stored, you can use your Life Force energy to decrease and release stress, get out of fight or flight, and back into a parasympathetic nervous system response– one of ease and flow and joy.

Every person is unique, and you can become your own healer.

You are the one who can listen to and interpret your body to understand what works for you and what doesn’t.

You are the one who chooses what to put in your body, and how you choose to live in response to your environment.

If there are stresses in your life that don’t need to be there you can eliminate or reduce them, feel and release them so they don’t become stored in your body.
And you can begin to step into healing by tuning into your breath.

Breathing is the most important thing you do on a daily basis. Within the breath is the wisdom of life itself.

… And it holds the keys to soothing the nervous system.

The breath is the ONLY part of the fight or flight response we can control. You breathe automatically if you do not pay attention to it, but you can also use the control you have over the breath to change what’s going on in your body, mind and heart.

When we use deep, full breathing we can consciously shift from a sympathetic response to a parasympathetic response…

And the amount of stress held in the body diminishes, our energy becomes abundant and our emotions become more appropriate to the degree of the actual threat.

Try this experiment to see for yourself.

Start by clenching your gluteal muscles really tight, and then as you hold it, try taking a deep breath in.

Release it and then take another deep breath.

Do you see how much easier it is to breathe when your Base Gateway is not tucked under and blocked?
No matter where we are or what we’re doing, the breath is always with us, waiting for us to use it to soothe the mind, breathe in life-force energy, and release what’s no longer needed.


If you can just change your breath a little bit (which you can… trust me), then you can also change your state of mind and quality of life.

And know that whatever energy you put into using your breath, you will quickly gain it back.

— Hi, I’m Dr Carli Axford, founder of The Spinal Flow Technique ™, and The Sacral Flow Technique ™.

I believe the power to heal is inside all of us, and it’s my mission to help you tap into the flow of healing and wellbeing within YOU.




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