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Where Are You On The Illness To Wellness Continuum?

Where Are You On The Illness To Wellness Continuum?

… You Can Find A Renewed Faith In Your Ability To Heal.

Every decision you make directs you towards wellness, or towards illness.


That means every single action you take, and even the thoughts you’re having right now, can be moving you in the direction of your healing or farther away from your wellness goals.

The Sacral Flow and the Spinal Flow Techniques ™ approach healing from a different perspective:  You are not broken. Your body is not betraying you. And you CAN heal.

The body has an innate intelligence that coordinates everything in our bodies without our conscious thought.

This life force energy regulates our heartbeat, our breathing, our digestion, the repair and growth of our bodies, and so much more.

When the Spinal Wave is blocked there are two very simple words to describe the experience: Stress and Pain!

Most people only reach out for help and healing when they are experiencing symptoms like headaches, back pain, mental, or neurological symptoms, and they can no longer manage them alone.

My clients would come to my clinic with sore backs, frozen shoulders, stiff necks, recurring headaches, aching joints, or just feeling run down, tired, and exhausted…

Or they would arrive stressed, with furrowed brows and hunched shoulders telling me how their lives, their jobs, their relationships, their finances, and their health were causing them constant upheaval….

But as we worked with the Spinal Flow Technique™, or they learned to self-heal with the Sacral Flow Technique ™ they were able to release the blockages, and brought balance back to their body and the mind….

And they began to see incredible improvements in all areas of their lives!

The transition stage is beautiful– it often comes with a renewed confidence in the body’s ability to heal as symptoms begin to decrease.

But it is only the middle of the journey to wellness…


Wellness and illness exist on a continuum– While being pain-free is a major milestone, there is more to optimize so you can feel amazing in your body, and your body can function optimally every single day.


The Sacral Flow and Spinal Flow Techniques ™ are not only a way to get out of pain and eliminate your symptoms, they’re a proactive approach to preventing illness, disease, and health issues from happening.


… And that means working with the body’s innate intelligence so every cell, nerve, and muscle can do what it’s meant to do without interference!


When you proactively keep the body free of spinal blockages, you notice that your body feels light, relaxed, coordinated, and pain-free.

Your mind is clear, your emotions are calm, and your breathing is deep and easy.

For many of my clients who experienced chronic pain and symptoms, being pain-free for the first time in months, years, or even decades can be an incredible experience…


I want to remind you that there is more than just a symptom-free life.


And that journey means shifting your mindset to living the best quality of life possible for you.   

— Hi, I’m Dr Carli Axford, founder of The Spinal Flow Technique ™, and The Sacral Flow Technique ™.

I believe the power to heal is inside all of us, and it’s my mission to help you tap into the flow of healing and wellbeing within YOU.




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