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Chemical Stress and Illness

Chemical Stress and Illness

What It Is, How It Affects You, & How You Can Eliminate It

Our incredible bodies are always in FLOW. That means we are in a constant state of repairing, producing new healthy tissue, and healing! 

However, chemical stress is one of the three main factors that can create a spinal blockage and limit the body’s flow of energy (physical and emotional stress are the other two). 

It’s been estimated that we are exposed to over 700, 000 toxic chemicals on a daily basis, and that does not include food! 

Chemicals interfere with how our body functions and gradually build up toxicity and blockages in your spine. The more toxins your body is exposed to, the greater the signal your body sends through pain, disease, and illness. 

If we’re exposed to environmental toxins, eat a poor diet, and are always in high anxiety situations, the body is unable to regenerate itself as well as it would without those stressors present. 

The main area where I see spinal blockages from chemical stress are the Power (lumbar spine L1-L5– for reference, your belly button is around L3), and the Passion Gateway (C-3– Lower Neck). 

Some common symptoms of a spinal blockage at the Power Gateway are constipation, bloating, gas, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, back pain and gluten intolerance. Some common symptoms of a spinal blockage at the Passion Gateway are shoulder pain, swollen glands, low/high thyroid, insomnia, nervousness, and neck stiffness. 

Just by their hands, a trained Spinal Flow Technique ™ practitioner can tell what chemical stress is being stored, how long it’s been there, and can even feel the difference between spinal blockages from foods or hormonal imbalances.

Our bodies always have our best interests in mind. However, if the body is unable to remove toxins through the skin, bowels, liver, blood, or lymphatic system it has no choice but to store them.


One of the most clever ways our body stores toxins is in the nervous system as a spinal blockage. 

Chemical Stress restricts our beautiful body’s natural self-healing ability. It’s important to work with our bodies and avoid as much chemical stress as we can so we can remain in a state of wellbeing.


Here are some of the main culprits that cause chemical stress:

  • Food: processed food of all kinds, refined sugars, artificial ingredients, preservatives, pesticides, GMOs, gluten, and dairy. 
  • Water: chlorine, plastics, metals, and chemicals leaching into the water supply.
  • Plastics: bottles and containers, especially when heated, including plastic water bottles that have been inadvertently heated in transit. 
  • Air: cars, trucks, factories, air fragrance, recycled air 
  • Lifestyle: stress, smoking, prescription, and non-prescription drugs 
  • Personal care: cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and perfumes 
  • Environmental: Household cleaners, garden products, chemicals in furniture, and other household items

It’s almost impossible to avoid chemical stress completely, but we can limit the impact it has on our ability to heal! 


You can choose food that comes from the earth, and not a box or a laboratory. Most convenience foods, even the ‘natural’ ones contain some form of chemical or synthetic additives to enhance their flavour or extend their shelf life… and our bodies do not know what to do with these unusual ingredients! 

You can also limit environmental pollutants by choosing natural cleaning products, being mindful of your air quality, and making your health a priority in all areas of your life. 

You can make informed choices about what goes in and on your body, and the kind of environment (physical and emotional) that you live in so that your body can function optimally. 

And you can work with a Spinal Flow Technique ™ Practitioner or use The Sacral Flow Technique ™ at home to release blockages and create more ease in your body! 

Until we assist the body to remove the toxins and reduce the source of the chemical stress, the body won’t be able to release the spinal blockages… But when you do, you will see a dramatic effect on your health, right down to the cellular level!

— Hi, I’m Dr Carli Axford, founder of The Spinal Flow Technique ™, and The Sacral Flow Technique ™.

I believe the power to heal is inside all of us, and it’s my mission to help you tap into the flow of healing and wellbeing within YOU.




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