Spinal Flow


We don’t believe that anything is new, we believe that most modalities have been around forever and that practitioners that create modalities put together the best of what they have learnt and what has worked for them with their clients and place these into a system that others can use. This is what Dr Carli has done when creating the Spinal and Sacral Flow Techniques.

This is true for all the practitioners and teachers that Carli has trained with as well.  Dr Carli does not claim to create anything new – she has just put together her method plus her intuition and belief of the body’s ability to heal and what she used in her practice and on her retreats to help people HEAL.

Below are some of the concepts that are taught in the Spinal Flow Technique and where some of these came from:

Healing Intelligence
What we know for sure is that there is a healing intelligence and wisdom inside the body and this is not a concept that Carli  developed, many philosophers, wisdom keepers, healers and practitioners believe this.  Our aim with developing the spinal flow technique was to put many techniques and approaches together to bring the clients energy and attention inside their body so healing could happen.

This concept is at the core to most meditation teachers, yoga teachers, chiropractors, osteopaths and healing practitionersSpinal Flow is based on the knowledge and understanding that there is a healing intelligence in the body, this knowing and understanding has come from Dr Carli’s background as a former chiropractic and her study in innate intelligence, the nervous system and blockages.

Spinal Blockages
In spinal flow, we look to find the cause of pain or stress in the body, we do this by assessing the spine for spinal blockages, this came from Dr Carli’s understanding of subluxations in the chiropractic world, lesions in osteopathy and fixations in physiotherapy.

The nervous system
From Carli’s background as a former chiropractor she forms her premise and philosophy that the nervous system is the master controller of the body and that a person’s health is related to the health of their nervous system.

7 gateways
In the spinal flow technique we divide the spine into 7 different regions, each region has a story, a blockage associated, a range of symptoms, a nerve supply and an emotional and energy type.  This was done based on Dr Carli’s clinical experience and how this correlated to the 7 chakras and the emotions around these.  The chakra system has been around forever and this made sense to Carli to link her knowledge of the nervous system to the chakra system.

Posture Assessments
Dr Carli created the posture assessments that are associated with the 7 gateways of the spine and used her knowledge as a former chiropractor and posture.

Gateway Assessments
Dr Carli created the gateway assessments that are associated with the 7 gateways of the spine and used her knowledge as a former chiropractor and joint biomechanics.

Palpating the spine for blockages
Dr Carli has created and shared her approach to palpation for spinal blockages based on her experience with her clients and how she trained her hands to feel every stress that her clients held within their bodies.

Stress Creates Spinal Blockages
Dr Carli has spent the last 20 years studying stress and the nervous system – she brings in knowledge from many spiritual teachers and experts in stress to form this premise.

Emotions are stored at the deepest level 
Carli worked for 15 years specialising in stress, emotions and the nervous system and shares her clinical experience with this plus her years at Ashrams and working as a meditation teacher, yoga teacher and breathwork instructor.

The Spinal Wave
This is not unique to Spinal Flow and is used at the centre of many modalities.  Carli has learnt from the following teachers or studied the following modalities that are all centred around the concept of a spinal wave.  These are Bio-Geometric Integration, Torque Release Technique, Network Chiropractic, Kundalini Yoga, Cranial Osteopathy, Inner Dance and Inner Guidance.  The spinal wave is another name for chi, love, spirit, soul, essence, innate intelligence and life force.  Dr Carli chose to name this essence as the spinal wave and this represents the life force that is within us.

33 Access points
In the spinal flow technique we contact the 33 access points to allow the spinal flow wave to flow, these are located on the dura mater.  There are many tonal modalities and techniques that work with the dura mater, the spine and nervous system to create healing.  Some of these include cranial osteopathy, craniosacral, torque release and network chiropractic.  None of these techniques above use these 33, Carli put these together for her practitioners so they could find these with ease.

The 3 centres
Spinal and Sacral flow speaks about 3 centres for a path to heal.  3 centres can be found in many modalities including the dantiens, chi gong and  yoga and tai chi

The 9 flow states
We speak about the 9 flow states for healing and this work is most similar to the work of the enneagram, personality typing and behavioural styles.  Sacral flow links this to people’s pain, stress, energy direction and flow

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