Training Event Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions

It is important you are aware of the terms and conditions of our events to avoid any confusion should any unforeseen circumstances arise as your event approaches. Please know that these trainings do not constitute medical recommendations or advice. These terms and conditions may change from time to time and you may find the most current version on our website. These terms and conditions are applicable worldwide.

1. Rescheduling Your Enrolment

If you find that you are unable to attend the training dates for which you have enrolled, you may transfer your enrolment, without penalty, to a similar training on one of our other scheduled dates provided you do so at least thirty (30) days prior to the original event date and that your rescheduled date occurs within eighteen (18) months of the original training date.

If you notify us less than thirty (30) days out from the program start date but more than seven (7) days out you will be able to change dates but there will be a change fee of AU$500.  If less than seven (7) days from the training event you forfeit your position and are NOT eligible for a refund. This is due to our financial commitments with event planning requirements and us not having sufficient time to refill your spot. (see transferring enrolment below as another option)

If there is a difference in price you will be required to pay the difference in price between the original training event and the rescheduled training, including if you originally purchased a discounted ticket, and that discount does not also apply to the training you are rescheduling to.

2. Transferring Enrolment (Name Change)

In the event that you cannot attend the training for which you have booked, your ticket is transferable to another person, provided that you identify to us the person to whom you wish to transfer your ticket together with full contact details for your substitute, at least seven (7) days before the program start date.

Please Note: There will be a AU$150 transfer administration charge for this process.

Once the transfer has taken place, the transferee will be bound by the same terms and conditions as the original ticket holder.

3. Enrolment Deposit and Payments for Enrolments

If you have chosen to pay by instalment, the subsequent payments after the deposit will be automatically deducted from your chosen payment method at the specified payment frequency (weekly/monthly/yearly) for the specified number of payments.  If a scheduled installment payment is unsuccessful, ongoing access to study materials and other benefits will be suspended until payments are resumed.

If there are delays in payments, it is a requirement that subsequent payments will be rescheduled so as to maintain the original payment plan completion date.

If the agreed payment plan completion date cannot be achieved, and needs to be extended, the payment plan amount will also be adjusted accordingly.  For example: If a person signs up under the 6 month payment plan price but cannot complete the payment within 6 months as scheduled, their total price will then be adjusted to the 12 month payment plan price.

Funds paid into partially completed payment plans which turn, and remain delinquent for 6 months or more, will be forfeited completely to Spinal Flow unless a prior agreement has been made.

Please Note: You can only participate in the training once you have paid in full.  Please contact us if you have any queries around this in regard to your specific course.

If your payments are not completed to a suitable level 30 days prior to your chosen event to allow us sufficient planning time, either a 10% penalty will be charged, or your enrolment will be cancelled without refund as stated above.

4. Full Refunds and Cooling off period

Once the first payment has been made, you are entitled to seven (7) days as a cooling off period where you can change your mind and cancel your position at our program without penalty.

In the case of late enrolment, less than or equal to thirty (30) days prior to the event, all of the above rules still apply and the cooling off period will reduce to three (3) days. If enrolling within one (1) week there will be NO cooling of period.

Please Note: Spinal Flow will not be liable for bank charges or international currency fluctuations when refunds are processed.

After this cooling off period, we do NOT refund. Registration to this training means that you agree to our Refund/Cancellation Policy.

5. Cooling off period when subject to finance.

If you have chosen to apply for finance for your purchase with our finance provider after the 7 day cooling off period we will allow a full refund subject to finance. If either your finance is not approved, or the repayments are quoted to be more than was indicated at the time of the application then we will give a full refund

6. Event Enrolment

Trainings must be completed within eighteen (18) Months from the date of enrolment.  This time limit may be extended by a further 6 months by paying an extension fee of $500.  This fee must be paid prior to the expiry of the time limit.  If the extension fee is not paid in time your unused trainings will be forfeited.

7. Travel Insurance

All attendees MUST HAVE travel insurance to attend our events. Spinal Flow Pty Ltd take no responsibility for unforeseen circumstances such as travel delays, death or sickness of participants or their families, unforeseen financial troubles, acts of nature (including but not limited to Volcano’s, Storms, Floods, Pandemics etc.), or anything else which is out of our control, either in the lead up to or during the event.

Any changes of plan forced or unforced are subject to all of the above terms and conditions

8. Spinal Flow Pty Ltd Program Changes

We may for any reason deem it necessary to change the program dates, audience capacity, venue, speaker or hours without prior notice.

9. Spinal Flow Pty Ltd Event Cancellation and Rescheduling

Spinal Flow Pty Ltd has the right to reschedule or cancel any training if we feel it is necessary and in the best interest for both parties (You the participant and Us). If this is decided, we will notify you in writing as soon as possible before the event was due to begin. In which case, we will enroll you at the next program within the year. Monies paid will not be refundable and Spinal Flow will not be held liable for any compensation.

10. Pricing

From time to time we may offer discounts, event specials, scholarships and competition prize discounted prices.  By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree that your agreed purchase price is fixed and will not be reduced if we choose to offer a discounted price prior to you attending your chosen event. Likewise your agreed price will not be increased should we announce a price rise prior to you attending your chosen event.  Please also refer to Clause 1. Rescheduling Your Enrolment, above for further conditions on price adjustments in the event you wish to change events.

11. Disclosure

We may pay commissions to third parties arising from your entering into this agreement with us.

12. Inclusions

All of our programs include education, healings, snacks, and scheduled activities and adventures, during the specified hours of the event unless stated otherwise.

All other expenses, such as visas, flights, airport transfers, meals, car hire, scooter hire, other adventure activities, tours etc. and not limited to the aforementioned, are at your own expense.

13. Covid 19 Clause
If Dr Carli Axford cannot travel to or from an event location due to COViD and/or self isolation requirements we reserve the right to postpone your event to a later date.
If the event does not run as scheduled you will be offered a future date or an online option.
Refunds or part refunds will not be given if the event does not occur on the dates specified, you will have an option to reschedule to a future date or do the course online.
These dates may vary due to unprecedented times and travel restrictions that are out of our control.
Dr Carli axford is not liable for any CovID cases that may occur during her teaching programs.
You are agreeing to attend a hands on training program which due to the nature of the work may conflict with social distancing guidelines of the given location at the given time.  If you feel that you would be unsafe you may reschedule to a different event (refer to Clause 1 Above).