In This Special 65-Minute Webinar Qualified Chiropractor, Healer And The Founder Of Spinal Flow Dr Carli Axford Will Reveal…

How To Become A Certified Spinal Flow Practitioner And Heal Your Clients With Fast Effective Relief

…Even If You Have No Prior Experience!

Discover the breakthrough healing technique proven to give fast and effective relief… and how to use it to attract dozens of new clients and explode your practice

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HOSTED BY Dr Carli Axford

Internationally Renowned Chiropractor, Healer And Founder Of The Spinal Flow Technique

20+ Years’ Experience

Accredited Qualification

Dr Carli Axford began her career as a chiropractor and holds a double bachelor’s degree in Chiropractic Science. She’s worked on over 4 continents and helped thousands of people heal from pain, illness and disease when nothing else could.

In 1998 , she became the first ever Australian to be invited to practice at the prestigious Texas Back Institute, USA, the largest spine institute in the world. Here, along with her colleagues, she established a system of care that prevented 85% of spinal surgeries at the hospital. Dr Axford developed the Spinal Flow technique using 20 years’ worth of experience and knowledge.

In the next 65 minutes, you are going to discover the brand new, revolutionary Spinal Flow Technique.

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Here’s What You’re About To Discover In Your FREE Training…

How to attract and retain clients by using the Spinal Flow Technique and deliver long-lasting change that helps them feel empowered

A never-seen-before insider’s look into the Spinal Flow Technique in a live demonstration – you’ll see exactly how easy it will be to heal your clients once you’ve completed the certification

How Spinal Flow finds, addresses, and releases the 3 types of stress within every client and helps them to heal faster than they ever thought possible

How Spinal Flow can be the perfect treatment to attract new clients – and the perfect add-on service to offer existing clients so you can unlock an extra source of income and help your clients feel better than they have in years

You’ll also hear from successful graduates (a Nurse, a Chiropractor and a Kinesiologist) who have used the Spinal Flow Technique to create a lucrative and thriving practice that helps others heal from pain