One of the most favored sleeping postures – sleeping on the stomach – is also one of most harmful.

On average, we humans sleep six to eight hours each night (or day, if you’re a shift worker).

That is approximately 2,820 hours every year spent sleeping in bed!

And for some of us, we spend many of those hours sleeping on our stomachs – a position which contributes to, and aggravates, neck pain and headaches.

It makes sense when you understand the 7 Spinal Flow Gateways and how they can become blocked: sleeping on the stomach leads to a block in the Pause Gateway. 

A Blockage in the Pause Gateway

When you are asleep every night with your head turned in one direction, you create blockage in the area of the neck I call the Pause Gateway. This is the area where your spinal cord emerges from your brain. This means the messages from your brain cannot get to the rest of your body. 

Resting during the night is imperative for the body to recover from the day’s activities.

While you sleep, your body initiates its natural healing process. It begins to heal minor muscle tears, repair wounds, remove toxins, assimilate the nutrients of your digested food and reset itself for the new day ahead.

When there are blockages, you are blocking your own life force and healing cannot happen.

We want our nervous system, comprising the brain and spinal cord, to be free of interference.

If a person is not healing, it could be that this comfortable sleeping position is the very thing restricting the body’s healing ability. 

When our spine is aligned, more healing can happen.

There are various sleeping positions that can provide better overall alignment for your spine. This can better facilitate your body’s natural healing abilities (and decreases the chances of waking up to a sore neck in the morning). 

I recommend sleeping on your side or on your back. If sleeping on your back is uncomfortable, place a pillow beneath your knees.

But try to avoid sleeping on your stomach. Once you get to use to sleeping in better positions, you may start to notice how much better your body feels, and you’ll have less headaches and migraines each day!

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