Childbirth is one of the 6 most common physical stressors that cause pain.

When mothers give birth, all of the small ligaments in the pelvis become like elastic to support it as it expands.

It then takes around six weeks to return to normal after the baby is born. 

Yet, with as fast-paced and stressful our modern life is, many women are finding it difficult to slow down and get the rest their bodies require to fully recover. So when we look at modern lifestyles is it easy to see why so many women suffer from child-birth related pain more often and for longer than they use to.

Years ago, women in the village gathered around to help mothers raise the child. These days, we do not receive the same support from our communities as we used to.

Now, women regularly compare themselves to unrealistic standards of the perfect household. They want to be a “supermum” and able to do it all.

This misconception is fueled by what is portrayed in the media and on social media feeds.

It is rare that a woman feels she can ask for help or show vulnerability without being looked upon as inferior.

With expanded elastic pelvises, mothers bend and twist repetitively. Mothers are picking the baby up from the floor, getting them out of the cot, and putting them in and out of the car. They are also cleaning the house, doing laundry, or even returning to the workforce within weeks of giving birth.

And it is not surprising to me that 1 year, 5 years, 10 years later, many women have pain in their backs.

Childbirth Is Also a Stressful Event for the Child

In addition to modern childbirth and child rearing being a cause of ongoing pain to mothers, it is also damaging to the body of the child.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, approximately one in five vaginal births is assisted. This is where forceps or a ventouse are attached to the baby’s head to assist delivery.

The marks, bruising, bleeding, or swelling that can be caused during an assisted delivery are temporary.

Yet, the physical stress received during birth can remain dormant for years.

It is very common for this to be the first blockage that a baby has at the level of C1 (the Pause Gateway). Here, the baby is experience stress of forceps, vacuum or a doctor pulling on the baby’s head.

Even during a natural birth that goes perfectly, the amount of pressure on a baby’s head as they emerge is extraordinary. 

Have you experienced ongoing pain due to giving birth?

If you have previously or are presently, reducing and eliminating the stress in your life will help you begin to heal. Healing cannot happen while your body is in the fight / flight stress zone, so it’s important to try to take good care of yourself to reduce your stress, slow down, and take more time out to begin healing.

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