Qualification Information

More Details About Dr Carli Axford, Former Chiropractor And Her Qualifications

Where did Carli study chiropractic?
Carli studied chiropractic at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.  She completed her course in 1998.

How long does it take to become a chiropractor?
The chiropractic degree at RMIT University is 5 years full time.

What degrees did Carli need to complete to gain her qualification?
As per RMIT’s requirements, Carli completed a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science.

Is Dr. Carli a medical doctor?
Dr Carli is not a medical doctor, she is a former chiropractor.

Why does Carli have the Dr. title?
Every person that completes and graduates from chiropractic at RMIT in Australia, is awarded the use of the honorary; ‘Dr’ title.

Why can chiropractors use the title of Dr?
‘Doctor’ is not a protected title. This means that chiropractors, as well as osteopaths, pharmacists, optometrists, dentists, vets, podiatrists, Chinese medicine practitioners, and other specific registered health professionals, are allowed to use the title ‘Dr’ as a courtesy title. 

Think of ‘Dr’ as a title. Although it is most commonly used by Medical Doctors, it can also be used by other healthcare professionals who have undertaken specific studies in an area.

What can I do if I don’t like that Carli uses this title or that Chiropractors do? 
Dr. Carli is only following the guidance of her university and what comes with her qualification.  If you wish to change this or dispute this, then we would recommend that you write directly to either the Chiropractic Universities or the Chiropractic or Medical Boards.  This is not something that Carli or her team can change.

Is Carli allowed to have and use the Dr. title?
Yes, please see above

Did Carli work as a chiropractor?
Yes, Carli ran a very busy chiropractic clinic in Melbourne, Australia for 10 years and also locumed around the world and set up 3 chiropractic clinics in Bali, Indonesia.  While she worked as a chiropractor, she was registered with AHPRA as a chiropractor and had a provider number.

Does Carli work as a chiropractor now?
Carli is no longer working as a chiropractor.  Carli is the founder and teacher of both the Sacral and Spinal Flow techniques.  You can see on her website that it now says ‘former chiropractor’.  As she is no longer working as a chiropractor, she is no longer registered with AHPRA – this decision to no longer be registered as a chiropractor was made in consultation with AHPRA.

Was Carli registered with AHPRA?
As above, Carli was registered with AHPRA when she was working as a chiropractor.

Is Carli now registered with AHPRA?
Carli is no longer registered with AHPRA as she is no longer working or practicing as a chiropractor.

Does Carli need to be registered with AHPRA to teach the Sacral and Spinal Flow Techniques?
Carli does not need to be registered with AHPRA to be the teacher of the Sacral and Spinal Flow Techniques.  Carli has her modalities registered with IICT.  Please know that Carli and her team have worked closely with the team at AHPRA to ensure that her website, social media and teachings are all in alignment with proper practices and AHPRA has let us know that everything we have done and are saying is in alignment to their policies and procedures.

How can I call AHPRA to check that this is true? 
Here is the number to call AHPRA 1300 419 495

How can I check the details of the chiropractic course that Carli has studied?
Here is the number to call RMIT, Australia – (03) 9925 7666