Spinal Flow Technique, 7 gateways of the spine, Base gateway, foundation gateway, centre gateway, passion gateway, pause gateway, awaken gateway, power gateway, 33 access points, spinal wave, spinal blockage, chiropractic approach to wellness


Spinal Flow Technique, 7 gateways of the spine, Base gateway, foundation gateway, centre gateway, passion gateway, pause gateway, awaken gateway, power gateway, 33 access points, spinal wave, spinal blockage, chiropractic approach to wellness

Training includes...



The tools to become a successful healer that can transform lives




The art, science and philosophy of The Spinal Flow Technique




Step by step what you need to become waitlisted and abundant




Videos, PDFs and demos to support your Spinal Flow Journey




Group Coaching every week with Dr Carli




Join our incredible healing community with daily accountability with Dr Carli Axford




Our Course Outline

Lecturing in spinal flow technique, Learnings about spinal flow technique, Course offerings in spinal flow technique, Spinal Flow five pointed star model of learning, Life flow system, world class healer blueprint


These first 14 modules are the foundation of the Spinal Flow Technique. You will learn to locate, assess and determine where the cause of your clients symptoms are coming from and will have the tools to help them, release spinal blockages and bring in the Spinal Wave into their body.

Spinal Flow

You will learn the touch, philosophy and science of the Spinal Flow Technique, a healing modality born of Dr Carli Axford’s hands-on healing methods that harness the body’s innate instinct to heal itself. Spinal Flow Technique is based on the premise that there is a Spinal Wave inside all of us but spinal nerve blockages caused by emotional, physical and chemical stress stop the wave flowing through the nervous system.

Spinal Flow Technique practitioners learn how to assess and diagnose blockages in the 7 gateways of the spine, to enable the Spinal Wave to flow freely from cranium to sacrum. Create your own Healer Declaration to stay true to your goals as a Spinal Flow Technique practitioner

7 gateways
of the spine

You will learn Spinal Flow Technique’s key assessment tools, the 7 gateways of the spine. This anatomical roadmap explains how the human body stores blockages in the spine, with each gateway directly associated with the organs, tissues and cells supplied by the correlating nerves and nerve plexus. There are seven tests you will master so you can assess spinal nerve blockages in your clients’ bodies


You will become an expert in understanding posture and how to assess what’s going on in your client’s body. Posture is key to how the human body holds itself - is one leg longer than the other, is the tailbone tucked under or are the shoulders hunched over their heart? Discovering the postural imbalances and how they connect with the 7 gateways of the spine helps practitioners evaluate and interpret what’s happened in their clients’ lives. Learning the type of blockages that lead to typical postural imbalances helps you read what’s happening in the human body. There are different posture assessments for each of the 7 gateways of the spine to diagnose primary blockages and uncover what’s secondary while determining how many years the blockage has been held in the body.

Spinal Flow

Practitioners will use their hands to feel what’s going on in the body, so in this module you will learn the four types of practitioner touch used in Spinal Flow Technique. You will feel exactly what has been stored in your clients’ bodies, the type of stress held there and how long it has been there for as well as the touch to contact the body and create powerful healing. Every human body has a master controller - the spine, brain and nervous system - so practitioner touch will be your key tool to connect clients’ spinal blockages to the ease that already exists within the body. This module will teach you how to touch, feel and connect the human body to the Spinal Wave inside everyone.

Feeling for stress, blockages & trauma

You will learn how to feel for stress, blockages and trauma to take your healing to a new level in this module. Your hands and sense of touch are one of the most important practitioner tools for Spinal Flow Technique. Combining your hands-on healing with postural and assessment tools will help you diagnose the stress, blockages and trauma held within your clients’ bodies. With the nervous system connecting to every organ, muscle, tissue and cell in the body, you will learn to feel how stress and emotions store in the body as primary or secondary blockages. You’ll also start to understand the tone and flavour of blockages, and whether they are emotional, chemical or physical in nature.

Palpation &

Learn how to locate, diagnose and feel blockages held in the 33 vertebrae of the spine. All spinal blockages interfere with the nervous system’s connection to organs, nerves, muscles and tissues. In this module, you’ll discover how to touch, palpate and feel the blockages to release and free blockages. Learn how to feel sprain and strain in the body, while uncovering more about the anatomy and physiology of the spine and nervous system.

33 access points
of the spine

As you gain a deeper understanding of the spine and nervous system, you will discover the meninges, which make up the three membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord: the dura mater, arachnoid mater and pia mater. In this module you will learn there are 33 access points where the dura mater meets the vertebrae, which practitioners contact to bring on healing through the form of the Spinal Wave. You will learn more about these special access points and how to release spinal blockages and expand the Spinal Wave.

No Unique Talent Required

Spinal Flow Technique is a well-rounded certification that gives practitioners the tools, knowledge and support to create their own path towards abundance.

The magical
Spinal Wave

You will learn there is a Spinal Wave inside all human bodies, waiting to flow the length of the spine from the head to the coccyx. In this module you will discover the three types of Spinal Wave - the breathing wave, moving wave and sensing wave - and how to use the 33 access points to bring the wave on. You’ll also discover more about the intricacies of the Spinal Wave and how to increase, expand and improve the wave to level up the healing and energy the client receives. Discover the different techniques and positions to ensure the Spinal Wave delivers more healing by flowing up and down the spine freely

The 3 types
of Spinal Wave

The Spinal Wave is the key to understanding the power of spinal flow technique. In this hands-on session, you will learn the powerful and unique skill of creating the wave in your clients bodies. The Spinal Wave has three unique types - the breathing wave, sensing wave and moving wave. This hands-on training helps you practice how to develop these waves with your clients.

emotional layers

In this module you’ll discover the body’s complex emotional layers and where emotional stressors are stored in the 7 gateways of the spine, while understanding how to release them. Emotions are stored deeply in the spine and the blockages often begin in early childhood, when most people are too young - or simply don’t have the tools - to process them. Practitioners learn how to bring the clients’ awareness to the place where they store emotions so the client can release it to allow the body to heal. You’ll also understand how the human body can be overwhelmed by stress and stay ‘stuck’ in flight or fight mode if blockages are not released.

Sacral block techniques to ease dysfunction

In this module you will learn the power of the sacral blocks, which are cushioned wedges that can be cleverly positioned to balance the pelvis, ease pain and correct sacral dysfunction. The blocks correct issues that lead to back pain and sciatica. Discover how to correctly position sacral blocks during every healing session to deliver more movement and Spinal Wave to clients, allowing the body to heal itself.

Feeling the
layers release

Deep spinal blockages come after years of emotional, chemical and physical stress but this training gives you the opportunity to practice how to feel the layers and understand the tone of each type of blockage. You will learn how to track and feel healing through your hand to assess and release spinal nerve blockages.

what you feel

Healing isn’t just a physical transformation - it can be aural, too. Clients want to understand and learn what's happening in their body and this training teaches you the skills to explain the changes happening for the client as it occurs. Clients will be blown away by your deep practitioner knowledge as you learn how to describe healing and give clients an understanding of what’s going on in their body. Learn the art of communicating successfully with clients to generate more powerful healing.

Coaching on and
off the table

Our training gives you the skills to be an incredible practitioner, but also a healing coach who helps your clients get the most out of their healing session while on the table, but also impart lifestyle advice and wisdom to amplify healing outside of treatment times. In this hands-on session, you see how to help your clients get lifelong results through your wellness coaching.

Other topics covered

The routine
to heal

In this module you’ll learn how to create your ideal healing session routine, so that Spinal Flow Technique treatments have your unique beginning, middle and end that supports your business goals and life. Whether you want 20-minute or hour-long sessions with clients, this module explains how to create the order and structured routine you need to help your clients heal.

Spinal shaking
to release trauma

Removing trauma from the body - particularly trauma that has been stored for a long period of time - can be released through spinal shaking. In this module you’ll learn the technique to move trauma through the body and expand the Spinal Wave while allowing clients to connect with their heart. Practitioners learn to diagnose their clients to understand the symptoms, relate it to the 7 gateways of the spine and communicate what’s needed to the client so they can release it.

Pregnancy & babies

Discover the powerful support and care spinal flow technique can offer pregnant mums and babies. You will learn how to help with breech and posterior positions, turning babies to assist during childbirth.You will practice using different pillows and positioning for comfort and see the importance of keeping babies happy and secure during treatment.

Working with disability
and mobility issues

In this hands-on session, you will practice how to work with disabled clients or people who have limited mobility. You will learn how to take a flexible approach to Spinal Flow and use the modality with different clients in seated and other positions to achieve the same results you can achieve if they could lie face down on the table

Working with two

In this hands-on session, you will practice broadening your healing to work with multiple people at the one time. This unique opportunity to work with more than one client at a time maximises treatment options and expands your healing opportunities. You will see how to set up a clinic with multiple tables while practicing how to nurture yourself while seeing more clients

Working with three

 Healers do not have to rely on one-to-one healing, but can treat three people using this technique in their clinic. This hands-on training builds on the previous session to learn how to work on three people at one time and practice the techniques that enable you to heal more clients.

Lecturing in spinal flow technique, Learnings about spinal flow technique, Course offerings in spinal flow technique, Spinal Flow five pointed star model of learning, Life flow system, world class healer blueprint


In this section you will learn how to overcome your deepest fears about being a world class, abundant, successful and waitlisted healer.

When you transform your mindset, you transform your life.
Instead of living in fear about what could happen, you will develop a growth mindset, and be able to reach your true potential.

In business and all of life, your mindset is the make-or-break factor that will propel or derail your aspirations.

Tony Robbins says that merely operating your practice leaves you stressed out and overwhelmed. To build a healing practice that’s strong and adaptable, you must adopt the mindset of a business owner.

Here are our modules that we will cover below to help you transform from a stuck to a successful growth mindset.

Headspace and
Personal Growth

People often feel they need to “heal more” before they’re ready to get their work out there - people need your help now! Lets start at exactly where you are at now with this audit and from there we can only transform -
“It’s not about waiting until you’re done working on yourself.
It’s not about “heal first” and then you’ll be ready. The “healing” comes within this journey

10 minute practice to transform negative thoughts

Build you and they will come. If you are negative, you will attract negative and repel the positive. If you want the life and practice of your dreams, you will need to attract it!

The first step in changing our thoughts and our destiny is being aware of the thoughts we are having during each day.

5 steps to create freedom and stop sabotaging your success

Most of us are bright, intelligent, loving human beings that have been sabotaging our own growth.

As an example: you get to work and there are not very many clients on the books. You begin the inner dialogue of “there are not enough clients; what am I doing wrong; what if my modality doesnt really doesn’t work; what if it does work, but it’s just me; what if all of my clients just quit today; what if they do and I can’t pay my bills…?”

This negative inner dialogue will sabotage your success, in this module we will cover the 5 steps to freedom.

Most of us don’t even realize that we have these thoughts running through our head all day.

Create the
Perfect Life

Many healers find themselves a “slave” to their work. “There just isn’t enough time in the day.” The purpose of this module is to give you a plan of action to create the perfect life.
When it comes to building a practice, I have seen healers work on themselves and their practice thrives. In other words “build you and they will come!”

In this module I share my formula so you can create your perfect schedule which will then help you create your perfect life.


In this module you will discover the power of self healing and how to ensure you do this for yourself while also encouraging this for your clients. You need to be in the very best version of your body to heal and this module gives you audio, video and infographics to take you through how to connect with your Spinal Wave and healing energy inside your body..

Morning Rituals

"You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." john c. maxwell - In this module we will create a ritual that you can do each day to ensure success and growth.

Healer declaration

See what it takes to make your own healer declaration and use this training to articulate who you really are, what you want to bring to this world and the steps you will put in place to do this. Healer declarations are a powerful tool that give healers the inspiration - and practical goals and milestones - to create the career of their dreams

Lecturing in spinal flow technique, Learnings about spinal flow technique, Course offerings in spinal flow technique, Spinal Flow five pointed star model of learning, Life flow system, world class healer blueprint


In this section you will discover and implement our signature formula to unlock your unique philosophical blueprint – this is the foundation of your entire business. Applying our formula for you to upgrade your philosophy to create your unique philosophy blueprint will create certainty and transformation for your clients

Creating Certainty and
A Congruent Philosophy

In this module, we will dive deep into who you are, what you offer, what you would like to offer, what you know and then create an initial statement that we can look at that is congruent to your philosophy and who you are.

Recognize and Fix

The goal of this module is to look at your initial statement and beliefs and see if there are any contradictions. Once we know if they are there we can make a plan to iron these out so you can be a congruent and powerful healer.
It is truly one of the most powerful modules and can change your entire life if you will pay close attention and take action.

Exploring Deeper - Vitalism
and Holism

In this module we’re going to explore the concepts of vitalism and holism and how they play a role in your philosophy, practical applications and practice.
We are going to explore your philosophy deeper - even if you don't think you have a philosophy, you do. Because even choosing not to have a philosophy is a philosophy in itself. Healers philosophy is one of vitalism and deductive reasoning. If you understand that the body is self-healing and self-regulating, we’ve got to acknowledge that there’s a force within the body that is controlling this self-healing and self-regulation.

Exploring Deeper - Naturalism
and Humanism

We are exploring deeper the concepts of Naturalism and Humanism, my body is natural and I'm friendly to my body - completing these modules will help you lay out the foundations of your healing business.

Unique Philosophical Blueprint

Creating your new statement combining the above which will be the foundations of your entire healing business

Belief in Self

Belief in your modality, skill or technique that is aligned to your philosophy blueprint will offer transformation to your clients. This module asks you to check in with your modality, skills, technique so you can remove any hidden doubts that can corrode your business and practice.

Lecturing in spinal flow technique, Learnings about spinal flow technique, Course offerings in spinal flow technique, Spinal Flow five pointed star model of learning, Life flow system, world class healer blueprint


This section is designed to teach you exactly how to clarify who you are, what you offer, and
how to masterfully communicate your unique magic to the people waiting for exactly what you provide. Nobody does what you do the way you do it.

We will help you uncover how to communicate your unique genius and offerings.

Your people want to fall in love with you. They want to be led by you. And yes, they want to buy from you. It’s YOUR job to show them why and how. And it’s my job to show you how to execute on this with ease.

Discover your niche, your clients wants and needs and how you fulfill on these

Identify who you want to work with, find the core problems your niche market has and the pain that
those problems produce. Learn the distinction between market needs and wants, and how to refine and define your niche

Create Your
Healers Promise

Discover your healers promise, develop your communications, tone, voice, and personality to reach your clients. Learn how to clearly articulate the value of your offerings, products
and services and what you promise with your modality or skill

Understand and articulate your point of difference

Identify your point of difference, using stories, examples and what makes you unique. Master your message verbally, vocally and visually

Outline Your Offerings and Services

Outline your offerings and services with clarity and that these are congruent with your new philosophy and mindset. How do you transform your clients lives?

Create your signature framework for your clients to work with you

Establish your signature framework which includes your offerings, systems and marketing, learn your clients’ objections and how to master them for no-resistance.

Outline the pain if clients do not see you

Delve into the reality of what would happen if your clients were not able to see you, discover the clarity on why your services are necessary.

Outline the benefits of seeing you

List all the benefits that you provide for your clients and how each service helps them

Lecturing in spinal flow technique, Learnings about spinal flow technique, Course offerings in spinal flow technique, Spinal Flow five pointed star model of learning, Life flow system, world class healer blueprint


In this section we will bring in the mindset, philosophy and your point of difference to create and identify what’s at the heart and centre of your offerings. What makes you an empowered world class healer and what will keep you being this

Finding Your Why - Purpose

What is it that makes you show up as a healer every day? In this module, we take you through the power of purpose and your passion to heal. Dr Carli Axford shares her own higher purpose to heal the world and guides you to craft a statement around your own purpose

Your Who - Deeper Dive into Your Avatar

You could have the greatest modality ever but if you’re trying to sell it to the wrong person—you’re never going to create transformation.
Before we dive deeper into our mission and vision, we need to explore who your ideal clients are, where they hang out and what their challenges are.

Knowing Your What - Vision statement

In this module you will learn about vision statements, and how they differ from mission statements. You will be guided through templated examples of vision statements and learn how to craft a vision that’s right for you and the healing business you want to create.

Your How - Mission statement

Intention is important for healers, but so is a clear mission statement for your business. In this module, you’ll learn what a mission statement is and how to create one to guide and document the business you truly desire. You’ll learn how to discover your purpose and summarise it in a powerful statement.

Defining your values and Aligning These to Your Offerings, Fees And Hours

Values are like fingerprints - they are all over everything you touch, see and do, particularly when it comes to your business. In this module you will dive into defining your values so they can be woven through your personal and business goals over short and long time frames.

Contribution in action

Giving back to others is an important element of healing work. In this module you will uncover the passion projects that help you contribute to the wider world beyond your healing. Would you like to help certain groups of people? Contribution in action is about finding a fit between your passion and how it can meet a community need.

Create an action plan of what needs to change or be implemented

To fulfill your dreams, you must take action.  In this module you will create an action plan of exactly what needs to be done to create the practice of your dreams.

Lecturing in spinal flow technique, Learnings about spinal flow technique, Course offerings in spinal flow technique, Spinal Flow five pointed star model of learning, Life flow system, world class healer blueprint


In this section, I will show you how to build a perpetual  marketing calendar and fill it with the kinds of campaigns and events that your clients will respond to and be interested in. Move away from throwing money out the window and move towards having a clear, direct approach to discovering, uncovering, and seeing new clients and their referrals.

Creating a Tribe and Become An Authority

In this module, we will show you how you can become a leader in your field and grow a tribe and following around you and your messaging so you have a constant flow of new clients and internal referrals

Internal marketing plan

You will learn the value of internal marketing, or how to successfully market your business from within. Dr Carli Axford will take you through the key tools of internal marketing, which include emails, internal referrals and how to create positive word of mouth for your healing business.

Weekly workshops to create an internal referral system

Do you want an abundance of new clients? In this module, you’ll learn how to run regular workshops to give people a reason to show up and learn more about your business. Weekly talks help you be seen as a leader in your specialty.

Social media marketing magic

In this module, you’ll be taught how to leverage social media platforms to generate leads and clients for your business. Dr Carli Axford shows you the exact steps and methods she uses to create a powerful social media presence and become an authority in your niche.

Running retreats for incredible results

Discover how to run successful retreats to amplify your healing offer and attract clients from other locations. In this module, Dr Carli Axford shows you the methods she used to create booked out retreats that generate transformational change for attendees, who recommend you to others.

Public Talks, Seminars and Webinars

Learn the art of a powerful wellness talk  to build your reputation and attract new clients. In this module, you’ll discover how to run talks to turn your practice into a booked out clinic.

Creating your online course

In this module, you will decide whether to launch a self-healing course to allow your business to create change both online and through hands-on healing. Online courses can be a great marketing and lead generation tool for your clinical business. This module explains how to create and launch this online course, should you choose to embark on it

Lecturing in spinal flow technique, Learnings about spinal flow technique, Course offerings in spinal flow technique, Spinal Flow five pointed star model of learning, Life flow system, world class healer blueprint


In this section we systemise your passion, heart, gifts and skills so you can create a business that’s profitable, waitlisted and easy to run and manage.

Creating the forms, emails and videos to support your clients journey

Dive into creation in this module by creating the forms, emails and videos to make your healing sessions as effective and powerful as possible. You’ll learn how to create your own material for clients to fill out, read and for you to use  on their visits. You’ll see templated examples from Dr Carli Axford and match it to your healing practice and branding to make your sessions as  effective as possible.

Signs, education, flyers, handouts inside your practice for a referral based practice

You’ll learn about the power of the material around your practice to successfully onboard, retain clients and develop these as lifetime clients to grow and maintain your practice.. This module will help you craft your material to create a referral based practice. 

Opening and Closing Procedures, making Appointments, Scripts and Answering the Phone

You will learn the value of systemising your procedures and feeling into exactly how you want your practice to run.  You only have to do this once and then you have this forever to create a systemised, clear, easy to run healing centre. 

Computer systems to allow for growth and Freedom

You will learn the value of using software to systemise and automate your processes and procedures.

Billing and Taking Money

We will delve into your processes that you have and how to make this more efficient and also address any blocks you or your team have with collecting and receiving fees.

Hiring A Dream team and Managing Staff

In this module you will learn how to hire a dream team.  We dive into what it takes to successfully manage staff and build teams that support your mission, vision and values.

Automated Procedures for your Business and Growth

In this module you will discover how to automate your processes to best manage daily tasks, team communication, accounting and bookkeeping and more. Dr Carli Axford takes you through how to easily create automation to save you time and create freedom in your life

Lecturing in spinal flow technique, Learnings about spinal flow technique, Course offerings in spinal flow technique, Spinal Flow five pointed star model of learning, Life flow system, world class healer blueprint


Here we discover what is required for future growth. We will free up more of your time, create goals, an action plan, accountability buddies and look at the option of taking on more healers and becoming waitlisted.

Drop Activities that drain your time and energy

In this module we will further explore how to free up more of your time so you are doing what you love and bringing your focus to what creates most results and keeps you and your clients moving towards growth and expansion.

Creating realistic goals

Goal-setting is key to driving business growth and this module explains how to create goals that will work for you personally and professionally. Dr Carli Axford explains why making resolutions to achieve certain results or ideals is important for healing businesses and for personal success. You will learn how to set your goals for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 3 years and 5 years.

Action plan and accountability

In this training you will be given accountability buddies to stay accountable to the plan and goals that you set as healers and business owners. This session is designed to support you to make formal plans and pair up with other practitioners to ensure your goals happen.

Connection, giving and receiving

This training is about practicing how to nurture the healer within you so you don’t give, give, give and burnout. We show you how to make sure all practitioner touch creates a sustainable circuit that leaves healers feeling more energised after every session. Many healers and practitioners feel drained but spinal flow practitioners learn this unique skill to feel better, heal and have more energy with the more people they see.

Being Waitlsted

Once you have abundant new clients coming though, changes need to be made when becoming or approaching being waitlisted.  We will show you here how to adapt your communication and systems to become that waitlisted healer.

Hiring An Associate

Growth can mean taking on another or many healers to work with you or to have in your practice.  In this module we will show you how to do this, how to hire, create contracts and incentives for more growth.

Growing Your Practice

In this module, you will be coached on how to successfully grow your practice and break through the glass ceiling to help more people.

 The basic premise is, make space for clients, fill that space with clients, make more space, and fill that space with more clients. Make sure there are no “bottle necks” along the road. Simple, but not easy!

What you will learn

Lecturing in spinal flow technique, Learnings about spinal flow technique, Course offerings in spinal flow technique, Spinal Flow five pointed star model of learning, Life flow system, world class healer blueprint

This detailed course delivers expertise in a healing modality which has its roots in chiropractic science.

It doesn’t take years of university study, with most students taking 3-12 months to certify. Many carry on the opportunity to join our professional Spinal Flow Association, which offers business development and continued learning opportunities.

Our training is IICT-certified, offering insurance and hands-on support to launch your practitioner career.

What others say ...



Our trainees enjoy learning the healing and powerful business techniques, as well as the chance to heal themselves and clients.

“My aspirations for the future with Spinal Flow is to incorporate this beautiful modality with my other studies in kinesiology and mentoring to help people who have suffered trauma and in particular women and children who have suffered violence.”


Our trainees enjoy learning the healing and powerful business techniques, as well as the chance to heal themselves and clients.

“I am blown away from face-to-face training. The changes on everyone who participated were inspiring. Personally my posture changed. My head was forward and now is almost back in the correct position. My shoulders were slumped and rolled forward and now have dropped, rolled back and have softened through my upper back. No headaches. No sciatica or lower back pain. And I was able to release some emotions.”



Our trainees enjoy learning the healing and powerful business techniques, as well as the chance to heal themselves and clients.

“The focus on growing ease in the body and that it's the body that does the healing is the amazing thing that Spinal Flow offers. I had a client that was suffering 20- 30 panic attacks per day and after working with me intensively for seven days, they had no more panic attacks. having no panic attacks. I am learning how to run a busy practice with all the advice and tips Carli shares.”


Our trainees enjoy learning the healing and powerful business techniques, as well as the chance to heal themselves and clients.

“I have a background in Bowen Therapy and Massage and wanted to find something to help the body let go of the past and prevent us all from moving forward into our future. I saw the Spinal Flow Technique page and had a feeling of being drawn to it.“

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