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The Spinal Wave in Spinal Flow Technique

The Spinal Wave is a signature element of Spinal Flow Technique and is a symbol of healing potential, fluidity and release.

The Spinal Wave is inside every human body, but its visibility and potential varies from person to person. The goal of Spinal Flow Technique is for the Spinal Wave to flow through the spine from the coccyx, or base gateway, through to the head, or awaken gateway.

Our body’s spinal column not only acts as the main support for our body, it also protects the precious web of nerves and neurons that fire up and down the spinal cord helping us walk, digest our food and more.

Our spine and brain together make up the human body’s master controller, the central nervous system, which connects to the peripheral and autonomic nervous system.

X-Ray photo of a woman showing her nerves and brain with important information about central nervous systemOur body is a complex web of nerves controlled by our central nervous system, the spine and brain.

Certified Spinal Flow practitioners learn the touch and communication skills to expand the Spinal Wave, ensuring clients can feel their body’s natural intelligence flowing freely up and down their spine.

When the Spinal Wave flows freely, it ignites the body’s own wisdom to heal and releases the spinal blockages that our bodies have held on to from chemical, physical or emotional stress.

“Sometimes I see the Wave but it’s stuck – often the areas where I feel that stuckness is where stress has been stored in the spine,” says Dr Carli Axford.

“What I teach is that the Wave needs to get through the spine and I train our practitioners to expand and increase the Wave.”


Large or small – the Spinal Wave is designed to flow

The Spinal Wave can be large and undulating, or barely perceptible, but every human body with a functioning spinal cord has the ability to expand its Spinal Wave.

The Spinal Wave can be expanded by certified practitioners who learn how to work with our clients’ bodies to grow the Spinal Wave and enable spinal flow.

“The Spinal Wave is like ease moving through the system – it’s creating openness through the body,” says Dr. Carli Axford.

“When we focus on what works, we grow more of that by contacting the 33 access points on the spine to release spinal blockages.”

The 33 access points are where the dura mater attaches the cranium, sacrum and coccyx, which contain all the nerves traveling up and down the spinal cord to the brain and central nervous system.

Access points exist on the head, or the awaken gateway, as well as in the sacrum and coccyx, or base and foundation gateways .

“When a practitioner makes a contact with an access point, it’s actually telling the client’s brain ‘Hey, this is an area that feels good. Create more ease here’,” says Dr. Carli Axford.

“The more ease that comes to the body, the more that Spinal Wave comes through and the body’s natural ability to heal takes over. The client’s body finds the blockages and releases that.”


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