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How Spinal Blockages Cause Illness

How Spinal Blockages Cause Illness

The Physics and Metaphysics of Healing with !

Have you or someone you know ever instinctively felt like something isn’t right, yet all of the medical tests come back clear?

…. After searching for answers to why we are in pain, why we feel exhausted, or why we feel unhappy, our brain can’t seem to make sense of the illness without being able to diagnose it. 

Even though you’ve just slept six to eight hours, you don’t feel refreshed. You go to the doctor and they can’t find anything wrong with you. You visit traditional doctors, and alternative practitioners, and the relief is only temporary… 

And you start to lose hope.

You might begin to think it’s all in your head. Or worse, maybe you resign yourself to a life of chronic discomfort…

But if you have a spinal blockage, it makes sense that you’re going to feel less than amazing.


When you release that spinal blockage, your symptoms will lessen or disappear completely and you can find relief. I want you to know healing is possible for you, so don’t give up! 

As a former chiropractor, I saw that pain was not only a physical problem, but it was multi-faceted. I delivered intensive chiropractic therapy but also worked with behavioural therapists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and sports therapists to create treatments that sometimes prevented surgery. 

While science taught me how to treat the body, my eyes were seeing that the body and the mind were not two distinct things – they were one

What we call a subluxation in chiropractic care (a dysfunction or lack of mobility in the spine) in Spinal Flow and Sacral Flow Techniques™, I call spinal blockages. 

Take a moment and picture your skull, your spine, and your nervous system. Your brain connects to your spinal cord, and from your spinal cord tiny nerves stretch out across your entire body. This allows for the flow of energy and information from your brain to your body, and vice versa. 

When there is a spinal blockage, it interferes with the communication from your brain and your spinal cord to the rest of your body, so you can see how a spinal blockage is often the first stage of pain, symptoms, disease, or illnesses. 

Spinal blockages are caused by three types of stress: physical, chemical, and emotional. 


When the body can not process and eliminate the stressor, the body stores them in the spine as a blockage. 

The first step towards wellness is to become aware of our spinal blockages so we can release them.


Many of us have spinal blockages from the day we were born. Even a normal birth can create a spinal blockage… for infants, which can result in colic, reflux, gastroenteritis, ear infections, rashes, and more. 

Over time, if these spinal blockages are not released, the symptoms can morph into headaches, anxiety, learning disabilities, sleep disorders, chronic illness, and more. 

And after years of physical and emotional traumas, stifled emotions, and exposure to chemical stressors the effects become cumulative and the symptoms become more difficult to ignore.  

Contrary to the pain we feel when we experience symptoms, healing happens by inviting EASE.

In The Spinal Flow and Sacral Flow Techniques ™ I teach practitioners and self-healers how to release the spinal blockage so information and energy can travel from the brain all the way through the spine without interference.  

Most people wake up and focus on what hurts, the symptoms they are experiencing, or what’s going wrong… 


But to heal, we start by focusing on the ease that is already present in your body.


When you bring your attention to what is working, and what feels good then expand that energy to where there are spinal blockages and pain. By expanding that energy,  you can release the spinal blockage so information and energy can travel from the brain all the way through the spine without interference.

Here’s how you can E.A.S.E into healing:


Examine the body for what already feels good 

Move your ATTENTION to that good feeling

Tune into the Spinal Wave and trust your body’s ability to heal

Expand the energy of EASE throughout your entire body

And it’s the same for our bodies. 

When we focus on where we feel at ease in our bodies we can expand that energy to the places we have spinal blockages and release them.

I want to make it clear that I am not saying to ignore the messages your body is sending you, like pain and discomfort. It is important to notice where your body hurts, and acknowledge what it’s trying to tell you first

When we find what feels good in our bodies, we are working from a place of healing and wholeness, rather than focusing our energy and intention on our pain. We can consciously share the energy of ease with the places experiencing discomfort and restore balance to the body. 

And when you do, you’re going to feel more energy, more vitality, less pain and less stress, and are connected to life again!

Many of us already know how this works… When we wake up and we focus on having a great day, focusing on things we will look forward to in our day, we have a better day…  

— Hi, I’m Dr Carli Axford, founder of The Spinal Flow Technique ™, and The Sacral Flow Technique ™.

I believe the power to heal is inside all of us, and it’s my mission to help you tap into the flow of healing and wellbeing within YOU.




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