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Healing the healer: just start, don’t wait

It’s human nature to think healers need special gifts and work in a state of healed, pain-free perfection. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The best healers start by trusting in themselves – and the body’s wisdom to heal – and begin making a difference in the world.

“I was 25kg overweight when I started healing retreats. If I’d waited until I was healed and perfect, I never would have started changing,” explains Dr. Carli Axford, the founder of Spinal Flow Technique.

“The biggest mistake people make is thinking they need to be free of stress, free of pain and have some special gift before they can heal others – it’s simply untrue.”

The greatest gift you can bring to others is to start making a difference, regardless of the ‘must-haves’ or ‘should-do’s’ the rational brain tries to use to stop you from starting the journey towards becoming a practitioner.

Healing gifts don’t strike from above: they are learned

There is no need to wait for your healing gift to strike. Start with the hands and body you have, and move in the direction of wisdom. Spinal Flow Technique’s virtual university and certification program will do the rest.

Learning the philosophy, science, and touch of Spinal Flow Technique is the beginning of a journey towards creating an abundant business that supports your highest goals and intentions.

All certified Certified Spinal Flow practitioners become experts in the spine and nervous system, understanding how stress causes spinal blockages and how to use the 7 gateways of the spine and the 33 access points to release them.

Our practitioners start with the capacity to learn before discovering their complete trust in the body’s innate intelligence to heal can take them in a new direction.

The art of giving and receiving as a healer

The nature of a Spinal Flow practitioner’s work is to help others so a key teaching is the practice of giving and receiving.

The energy you get from giving and receiving – which is taught in the Spinal Flow immersives – energises you, spurring you on to continue making a difference to yourself and those around you.

Certified Spinal Flow practitioners are taught how to truly practice with intention, so that every client gives you more energy. Our practitioners feel great after a day of healing sessions, not drained.

Spinal Flow practitioners know that the more people they hold sessions with, the more healing happens.

Healers who design a schedule around their own wellbeing – for example, making sure all appointments are scheduled between school drop-off and pick-up times or targeting their ideal clients – will receive more from their practitioner work than those who allow themselves to be drained.

Healing the healer

The focus of Spinal Flow Technique is to release spinal blockages in the 7 gateways of the spine, initiating a wellbeing transformation that allays pain and other symptoms of spinal blockages. When there is a shift from a state of higher tension to lower tension, our nervous system functions in its optimal state.

“I encourage all my practitioners to truly examine their beliefs about the body’s ability to heal itself, and then practice with focus so that every healing session energises them,” Dr. Carli Axford says.

“The practitioners that flourish using Spinal Flow Technique do so because they have experienced what Spinal Flow Technique can do and they know – truly know – the benefits of healing that it brings.”

The Spinal Flow Association encourages its members to meet up locally and practice on each other to explore healing more fully. Stress stored in the spine as blockages must be released so it doesn’t restrict you or interfere with your ability to heal yourself and others.

“Everything we need as healers is truly inside of us already,” says Dr. Carli Axford. “In moments of overwhelm, it’s important for us all to connect back to that wisdom of our bodies.”

Your optimal state to heal yourself and others

When Spinal Flow Technique healing sessions release stress and spinal blockages, the body has more freedom of movement and a sense of reconnecting to who we truly are. By finding, identifying, and releasing layers of physical, chemical, and emotional stress, our practitioners can help everybody move towards wellbeing.

In the end, if we are functioning in our optimal state, we can ensure our healing sessions are doing the same for others.


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