About Dr. Carli

I’m a former chiropractor, wellness coach, retreat facilitator, breath-work and meditation teacher and the founder of the Spinal Flow Technique.  In the last two decades I’ve lived and worked throughout the UK, USA, Asia and Australia.

I started my career as a chiropractor.  I hold a double bachelor degree in Chiropractic Science which has given me the doctor title.  Since then I’ve helped thousands of people heal from pain, illness, disease and discomfort in their bodies, when nothing else helped them in the past.

— Brad Axford, Massage Therapist

Spinal Flow taught me a new level of communication with my body— to recognise where it was blocked/locked up and also how to unlock those areas through finding the areas of more ease.

I’ve learnt that I can do more by myself….to not only listen to my body more, but to communicate with it in a whole new way and work with my body towards greater ease and flow.

I happen to be the only Australian to have ever been invited to practice at the Texas Back Institute, USA, the largest spine institute/hospital in the world. My colleagues and I established a system of care that succeeded in preventing 85% of spinal surgery at the hospital.

This experience has shown me that even in the most difficult and extreme cases can heal. It has made me confident that no matter what situation you’re in – healing does happen.  Spinal Flow was developed and created merging my experience with my clients and chiropractic to share a modality that not only addresses the physical but also find the deep stored chemical and emotional layers that are stored in the spine and nervous system.  

My passion is to help practitioners and healers have the tools to help their clients feel better in their bodies and in their lives.  I combine the spinal flow technique plus my knowledge in business and marketing to help my students be successful.  

I want to live in a world where every person can live in a body that functions well and is full of vitality because I believe that every one of us deserves to be our best self. That’s why I do what I do and it’s my biggest joy is seeing how quickly my practitioners transform by healing themslebes, helping others heal and making a massive impact in the world.  Together we are a community that are passionate to make a difference. 

I would love to work with you and together make a massive difference in people’s lives!

— Kendall Hayes, Iku Health Foods

I had been looking for a mentor and a course to continue my studies in holistic health and Dr Carli’s Spinal Flow Certification has exceeded my expectations. I love that this modality combines solid science with beautiful spirituality in a proven transformational program.

Why I Created the Spinal Flow Technique

My background is as a chiropractor. I started my journey as a very scientific chiropractor and was focused on the science, research and more of the physical causes of pain.

I went to America and I worked in the most scientific research hospital, the Texas Back Institute, which was to assist people with their issues in order to prevent needing surgery. 

It was incredible and my learning was amazing. And from there I realised that the body heals when working intensively together with a team and that people that have surgery may not need it.

Our team of four prevented 85% of surgeries. And when I left there, I really knew that the body is able to heal itself – the body changes, and that I can help on a physical, musculoskeletal level. 

I put that into practise and people started to tell me that their back pain was better, their headaches were better and their knees were better. 

Which was when I realised that perhaps I could do more. I wanted to be the person that helped others to change their lives – whether they had stress, or weren’t coping with life and not just fix pain. 

From that came a realisation that people aren’t broken, they don’t need to be fixed, their bodies are overloaded with stress. 

I then searched for alternative ways to help people on their journey and discovered an amazing teacher who taught me that rather than focusing on what is stuck, blocked and broken why not focus on what already works and expand that.

For nearly 10 years I only worked on areas that felt great (access points), until I realised that blockages in the body system were getting ignored and still causing my clients pain, disease and illness

So putting my chiropractic hat back on, I brought my focus back to why our bodies store blockages, where do they get stored and why are they stored and how can I help my clients find these on their own so they can heal them.

Spinal Flow ended up being a fusion between focusing on what works and growing this to form the Spinal Flow Wave but also incorporating and helping our clients remove and release the blockages stored in their spine. Access points is where the love is and where the energy comes through, and is how the wave is formed and expanded.  But it was important to not forget my chiropractor roots, which is understanding how blockages occur in the spine.

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Here's How I Can Help You

While it was never my intention to create a technique, I ended up with a system that combines science, art and philosophy. And for me it is so motivating that my certified practitioners and healers are helping others move on from their suffering, by implementing the spinal flow technique.

People can heal and you can help them. I invite you to join me, join our team and become certified in Spinal Flow Technique, because there are so many people out there struggling in life and need your help.

— Dr. Jyoti Fehres, Chiropractor

The Spinal Flow Technique has enabled my body to heal on a very profound level. It is the most effective healing method I have encountered over the past 20 years.

My headaches are completely gone and I feel more centred and grounded.

What I Believe

I believe that you can heal. Your body is designed to not just survive but also to thrive and this is demonstrated in the Self Healing School.

Life is stressful and perhaps you are experiencing a combination of chemical, emotional and physical stressors on a regular basis. As a result, these blockages appear and they create illness, discomfort or disease in your body.

All your symptoms, pain and illnesses are indications that your body needs help. When you listen to this and address the deeper underlying issues, you have the potential to heal and find the freedom in your body that you forgot was possible.

I want to live in the world where every person can live in a body that functions well and is full of vitality because I believe that every one of us deserves to be our best self. That’s why I do what I do and it’s my biggest joy seeing how quickly clients transition from living their lives in pain and stress, to feeling so much better and training practitioners to help these people.

Spinal Flow Certification

LEARN to be a healer and help others

— Johanna Astrid, Writer

Carli shows up with passion, love, patience and kindness. Her dedication to assisting people to heal and transform is truly an inspiration to me. Carli has always seen the best in me and she continually calls this out during all of our interactions. Thank you Carli for going after your dreams and empowering us to do the same.